Hello! My Name is Gill

Born in Yorkshire, England, now a Virginia Southern Belle • Lover of music • Got sorted into Hufflepuff • Drinker of gin and coffee (not together, that would be wrong) • Fan of Sheldon Cooper • Crazy cat lady • Reader of crime fiction • Cries at Madame Butterfly • Lover of sequins & sparkles • Enthusiastic DIY-er • Singer of the volume over talent variety • Soap maker • Happy wife and cat mummy • Jack of all trades • Sarcasm personified • Travel fan • Lover of home and family • Sims fan • Monopoly shark • Sudoku lover •  Avid avoider of diet and exercise • Changer of hair colour • Baker of cakes • Keeper of chickens • Fan of fake nails • Wearer of hats • Fan of daisies


Who We Are

The business (Daisy Chain Gifts) originally started in England in 2010, touring the local craft markets, but is now happily settled in the USA. For a little while we had a brick and mortar store before switching to an online store. Then one day, a happy accident on Google search planted the seed of inspiration and our subscription box, The Pamper Hamper, was born.

What We Do

We make soap and other bath products right here in Virginia. All our products are handmade, mostly by me, although my husband helps out – he loves making candles! We use local products wherever possible, some are even from our own garden (we grow our herbs); most of our soap is made using the traditional cold process method which we believe is the most gentle for all skin types as it retains much of the natural glycerin produced during the saponification process as well as the beneficial properties of the oils, butters and waxes used. All our products are vegetarian friendly, and some are even suitable for vegans and the only animals used for testing are our friends and family 🙂

We love what we do, thank you for sharing with us

Gill x